Fashion Friday (7/16/21)


I don’t know who made this gif of me RIGHT NOW IN THIS MOMENT, but the accuracy is startling.

It’s hot, and there’s no fashion (except maybe swimsuit fashion) that is appropriate for temperatures like this. I just want to be naked in front of a fan, honestly.

Since that kind of fashion would be frowned upon in my day-to-day work and errand routine, I’m dreaming of all the summer looks that don’t absolutely kill me to wear.

As in, no more layers than absolutely necessary for decency.

Anyway. The beloved Espadrille is synonymous with summer fashion, and is one of my favorite casual-but-you-can-pretend-it’s-sort-of-dressy-at-the-office-and-probably-get-away-with-it looks, so today, let’s talk about that and enjoy an ice cream together, shall we?

This casual ‘fit is a nod to Parisian style, and I love how effortless and still put-together it is. Perfect for those shorter errand runs, you know, the ones where you want to dress up a little more than just ‘I threw this on because I didn’t expect to see anyone’. Or, you know, a casual summer dinner with friends. Or the office, if no one’s looking and you can get away with jeans.

‘Cause it’s FRIDAY, y’all.

{From Pinterest}

This look is definitely more office-appropriate, but I’m loving the vibe. It feels dressed up in a tongue-in-cheek way, which is 100% how I feel when putting on ANY clothes in this kind of weather. I’m going to do this because I have to, not because I want to.

I’m absolutely here for this breezy LBD and espadrille combo. Literally, I’m already stalking the source list because it’s so good. Suffice to say, I have my work cut out for me because it was posted in 2015 and is STILL THAT GOOD.

Makes me both love and hate Pinterest, if I’m honest.

What do you think? Are you here for the Espadrille, or is it a pass for you?

Happy Friday, friends!

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