Summer Eatin’

Hey y’all!

I don’t know if it’s because it’s a billion degrees outside, or because I’ve been working my tail off at the gym, but today I woke up with ALL THE ENERGY. Which is great, because, let’s face it, Mondays are hard enough without adding exhaustion to the mix.

I’m trying to get over my utter disdain for sweat and heat and spend more time outdoors with EV this year, which means that weekdays are even more crunched on time than normal. We’re spending at least 45 minutes outside playing with the dog, blowing bubbles, chalking up the patio, and on my part, watching my daughter wander around the backyard talking to herself.

It’s those special moments that make me so proud to be a mom, you know?

Anyway, it’s a billion degrees outside at this point. We’re fully in heat advisory mode, so in addition to guzzling water, we hop into the shower as soon as we’re inside. This little flip to our evening routine has caused my little schedule-lovin’ soul to bloom every shade of anxiety you can imagine. I mean… I have weekday chores lined out! And there’s dinner and dishes! OMG, I have to feed my kid.

Anyway, you can probably imagine how all of that plays out in my head, so today I’m elbow deep in Very Important Research, which is basically just Pinterest. I’m seeking out easy, quick, healthy summertime recipes. Is there an intersection where all those things meet? I’d certainly like to think so.

Here’s what I have on my list so far:

Zucchini Pad Thai, and in case you were wondering, I will not be spiralizing my own veggies. But Pad Thai is my homie, so this one is definitely happening later this week!

Skillet Gnocchi with Grilled Corn and Burrata. I hesitate to go with something that has a title this long, but this looks simple and delicious, and I have a love-love relationship with all things cheese. Burrata is a super-yummy Italian cheese and is mild and creamy, but it’s not always readily available in Podunk, TX. I may sub vegan cream cheese for this, but I could bet money it’s still going to be delicious!

I seem to be on a corn-loving kick with my Pinterest searches today, y’all. But how good does this look? Really just baked chicken with a spicy corn-and-poblano topping (it’s a stretch to call it a salad, tbh) but I can see this being amazing with black beans added. And maybe a little pico de gallo. Quick, easy, and making me hungry right now.

I consider myself lucky that my toddler is pretty open to new foods. At least right now. That could change in a few minutes, so don’t quote me. But she loves salmon, and I love how good it is for her, so this one looks like a great option for us.

How about you? Do you have any tried-and-true summer recipes that fit the bill and don’t take up all of your weekday evenings? Or are you a food prep ninja, doing all of the legwork on the weekends?

FESS UP, FRIENDS. Your girl needs some help.

Happy Monday!

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