Fashion Friday (7/9/21)

Happy FRIDAY, friends! I hope your week wasn’t like mine – a short week at work that turned into the LONGEST WEEK EVER. How is it that 4-day workweeks manage to do that?!

Anyway, today I’m in a whole different lane, style-wise. Normally we talk clothes on Fridays, right? And it’s good, if I do say so myself. I can talk shopping allll day long.

But style doesn’t end with the clothes you wear. Let’s be real – it’s all that (s)ass, girl. 😉

For us, it’s also about the hair. My 3-year-old girl is biracial, so her hair is quite different from mine. She has 3B curls and coils, based on what I can gather from the Internets. It’s taken us some time to learn her hair – and most importantly, for her to love her hair.

I will never, ever forget the heartbreak I felt when my 2-year-old (at the time) daughter asked me if she could have ‘down hair’ (long straight hair) like her friends at preschool. I’m determined to show her that her hair style is a special, unique part of who she is, designed by God and loved to the very tippy-tip of each crazy curl.

So that conversation sparked a new era of growth for mommy. Mainly, trying to learn fun hairstyles that she will love and that I can accomplish in a reasonable amount of time. Reasonable is relative, you understand; when you have a curly kiddo, you know that normal kid things like, oh, say, rolling around in leaves and sticks on the playground, mean a full 45 minutes of finger combing that mess out of her hair.

It’s actually kind of challenging to find straightforward resources for her hair. Pinterest has about a billion cute pictures of biracial toddlers and their precious little hairstyles, but very few of them come with tutorials. Honestly, it was a whole lot of jumble until I figured out that I should pinpoint her hair type and go from there.

You know, the whole ‘start at the very beginning’ step.

So I found this chart to be super helpful:

I figured out EV’s got 3A/3B hair, but her curl patterns aren’t uniform all over her head. My girl was born a baldie and is only just getting a full head of hair (at three years old) so that may change.  

You’ll also want to know your hair’s porosity. The quickest way to figure that out is the float test:

Once you know the basics, you can target your search for products that will work best for you. For EV, I look for resources for 3B/medium porosity hair. Through some trial and error, we found these products, which are currently working for her hair:

I’m sure that will change as her hair grows longer and she gets older, but it’s working now. We rarely wash with regular shampoo (maybe every two weeks or so?) and focus on conditioning. I finger comb her hair with the leave-in conditioner each evening before bedtime, leaving most of it in her hair. In the morning, we refresh with warm water and a little It’s a 10, and then style with the styling gel.

Once we had our routine in place, I was slowly able to take inspiration from Pinterest photos and recreate (to the best of my limited ability) the looks I found. EV absolutely loves double French braids, like these sweethearts are rocking:

{From Pinterest}

As well as ‘little ponies’, a style sort of like this:

{From Pinterest}

And we do a lot of pigtails, which for her length and hair type, look more like this:

{From Pinterest}

It’s adorable, if I do say so myself. And it’s the perfect way to end a post that turned into THE LONGEST FASHION FRIDAY POST EVER, at the end of, well, THE LONGEST WEEK EVER.

Have a happy weekend, friends!

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