Fashion Friday (7/2/21)


Ok, not quite, but almost. Can you believe we’re more than halfway through this year? I’m pretty sure that happened when I blinked, but I’m afraid to blink again, just in case.

I know we’ve I’ve talked about my love for holiday-themed attire, especially holiday-themed outfits I can put my kid in, but that was then. This is now.

Oh yeah. We’re going there again.

This year, I’m trying to play it classy by not wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Thusly, I have purchased the shirt below:

from the good ol’ QVC, which makes me feel a lot like a Golden Girl, puffy hair, kaftans, and sarcasm included.

Anyway – it’s comfortable and it has a collar, so it fulfills my whole ‘dressy shirt’ requirement for this particular occasion.

I am ever-so-expertly pairing my star spangled shirt with a pair of red mom shorts I got from Maurice’s a few years ago. I couldn’t find those shorts anywhere, so here’s a similar pair from H&M:

To round out my patriotic outfit, I am 99% likely to throw on my trusty TB Millers, mostly because I can’t be bothered to put on real shoes when it’s hotter’n’blazes outside. But I don’t want it to LOOK that way. That wouldn’t be ladylike.

That being said, fashion for my little is a lot more fun! She had an Independence Day parade at school, we’re BBQing this weekend, and we’ll join half the town down at the civic center for fireworks and a concert on the actual 4th. That’s a lot of stars and stripes, y’all.

Here’s what she wore for school:

And it’s, obviously, from Target. And ill-advised, because she came home with red splotches all down the front of it. Grandma’s spot remover and I are besties, though, so I think we survived the Great School Popsicle Debacle of 2021.

And for the BBQ, she’s wearing this:

because I’ve clearly not learned my lesson and want to take out stock in Grandma’s Spot Remover, apparently. But it’s already been washed, so it’s not going back. We’re committed. I may also hog tie her and force a bib around her neck while she eats, so, you know, planning is preparing.

For the fireworks show and concert, she’ll 100% be wearing her boots and this little dress:

because come ON, how sweet is that little open back with the bow?! I can’t even handle it.

…And basically, that’s the story about how she’s so extra, she has multiple outfits to celebrate our nation’s birthday.

Yep. It’s totally her that is ALL THE EXTRA.

Happy Friday, friends!

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