Fashion Friday (6/25/21)

Well, I’ve avoided this weekend’s activities for way, way longer than I ever thought I would, y’all.

But it’s time.

Swimming at a pool in front of other people time.

Now, let’s be real; I could totally be that mom that looks AMAZING and lounges beside the pool with a book while her babies play in the water. I could be that cool and put-together. You know, the one with dry hair and super cool shades.

But also, I literally cannot.

I HAVE to get in the water, PERIOD. I’m a terrible swimmer. I look like a drowned rat with wet hair. I have a million reasons not to get into the pool, but to be honest, none of that reasoning matters when I get to the pool and it’s a billion degrees and there’s a chance I can paddle around the shallow end with my kid and avoid awkward social situations.

It’s a whole thing, see?

Anyway, mama’s also got a whole lot of reasons to be picky about swimsuits. As a lifelong PCOS warrior, my body tells the story of many pounds gained and lost. Stretch marks, saggy skin, post-breastfeeding boobs – the whole nine yards. I need a suit that covers everything up and holds it all together. And doesn’t look like a grandma’s suit, although that’s a very viable option at this point!

Okay. Hear me out.


I know I said I want a suit that covers everything and doesn’t look like a grandma’s suit, and then I posted this one RIGHT OFF THE BAT.

But close your eyes. Imagine this swim romper worn with strappy, ridiculously high heels, heavy cat-eye liner, and big, crispy hair.

Suddenly this isn’t an overly modest swimsuit. It’s a total LEWK for the club, circa 2014. Or from the Jersey Shore. Probably also 2014.

ANYWAY. If this silhouette worked on party people in 2014, it works just as well on party-but-only-until-about-9-or-so people NOW.

Actually, those people are probably the same group of people. Just, you know. OLDER AND WISER.

Ok, so this one is admittedly not for the diving board. If you’re the mama like me who likes to get into the water with the kiddos, you’re gonna want to paddle around the shallow end to avoid putting on a major show if one of those sleeves slips too far.

But isn’t it SO pretty?!? It works for looking amazing poolside or for dragging your toddler around in circles on a float for hours on end, so I still feel like it’s a total win.

I love that this one is high-necked enough to erase any concerns about spillage over the top, and the contrasting prints are nice because it FEELS like a two piece, even though it isn’t.

It’s reasonably priced, too – swimwear is TOUGH on the budget – so I’ve got this one on the way to test it out.

You know. For science.

I have several that I bought on clearance from last season, so this isn’t, you know, an ACTUAL need as much as it is ‘I’m overthinking this and suddenly nothing I own looks right’.

And I can’t think of a more justifiable reason to shop, can you?

Happy Friday, friends!

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