Fashion Friday (6/18/21)

Happy Fri-YAY, y’all!

I’m just over here smack in the middle of a heatstroke, waiting to pull out my pumpkin spice and sweaters, dreaming of temperatures below actual FIRES OF HADES.

And not being a bit dramatic about it all, either.

I’m between sizes again, so I’m doing a little shopping for more summer clothes right now, and, you know, heaps of window shopping, if we’re being honest.

I did just celebrate a momentous middle aged birthday, so I’m struggling a little to balance comfort (muumuus) and fashion (never going to wear a low rise, y’all). Every time I search ‘summer’ or ‘hot weather’, I invariably come up with either linen trousers or daisy dukes.

I’m extreme in a lot of ways, but not either of those ways.

So anyway, here’s what I’m thinking for my mama’s-old-but-not-THAT-old looks that extend beyond shorts and shirts:

So this is definitely more of a transitional/fall color here, but it works well for south Texas because 1) it’s still hot as balls here between summer and fall, so a lightweight, floaty dress like this is still appropriate. And 2) actually, reason #1 was reason enough.

I love the full-on summer vibe the red and white print is serving up here. This dress fits the floaty, light, covers-everything-touches-nothing vibe I like so much. Um, CHECK. Also, I feel like it works with flat sandals or Converse OR a cute espadrille wedge, so it’s a great multi-purpose summer look.

This sweet little dress from Roolee is a big win for me. I prefer to keep my upper arms covered (hey, batwings!) and this does that without being way too much sleeve. Visual detail at the waist. Length that is appropriate for work or church.

See what I mean? TOTAL WIN.

This style is a classic. Pretty sure it’s actually never been out of style for the entire time I’ve been alive, which honestly covers quite a bit of fashion territory and makes this dress kind of a unicorn. Sure, 90s Ralph Lauren isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s totally mine, so I’m likely to rock this look until I die.

This version of the preppy striped dress is lined and on the longer side (even though the model’s mile-long legs suggest otherwise) so it’s perfect to wear while sweaty and miserable from chasing my kid around.

And on that happy note, I’m out. 😉 Happy Friday, friends!

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