Let’s Talk Mommy Cars!


Let me start by acknowledging that I GET IT. There is nothing sexy about a mommy car. And for someone who likes the smooth lines of a sweet ride, that’s a jagged little pill to swallow.

I do. I really do get it. I KNOW that my land barge, loaded to the hilt with car seats and toddler paraphernalia, is probably the least sexiest thing on wheels. In fact, it’s a big-A box on wheels, but I don’t even care.

Consider that punctuated by a hair toss, because I am a STAUNCH convert.

I know a lot of moms who hang onto their sexy cars. If it fits a carseat, it’s fine, right? But let me introduce you to this idea, my friend: it’s having a carseat, but also, it’s LEG ROOM at the same time. It’s space for all those precious kiddos, but also, CARGO SPACE at the same time.

I used to be one of those, y’all, but I’m converted now. I’m firmly on the mommy car side. Oh, and we’ve definitely got cookies. Or at least cookie crumbs.

So anyway, I’m happy with my land barge, but I’m also an organizational freak, so I’m constantly looking for clever ways to do that in a vehicle.

You thought my neurotic organizational tendencies stopped at kitchen cabinets? OH HONEY NO.

My car came equipped with nets and totes in the cargo area for all manner of groceries or large rattly implements in need of corralling. But that’s not where my kid rides, and inevitably, she needs all the things when we’re on the road.

I’m working with one of these:


I keep it on the floorboard in front of her carseat because her little feetsies don’t reach that far, but clearly I’ll have to rethink this strategy when she’s taller. For now, though, her bin has a first aid kit (including a bag with children’s tylenol and her allergy meds, which I remove in summer months due to the heat), baby wipes, a handful of grocery bags folded and stuffed into a sandwich bag (for emergencies that have occurred much more than you’d think), an extra outfit, a swaddle (we still use these as blankets), her harness, and an assortment of books and activities that I try to change out frequently enough to keep her occupied.

In my cargo area, I keep a bin with a vehicle emergency kit, car cleaning supplies, and a pack of diapers and wipes. EV’s been potty trained for a year or so, but I use her leftover diapers to line her travel potty, which is also stowed in the cargo area and is one of my favorite ideas ever.

I really thought I was clever, y’all, until I googled ‘toddler travel potty’ and found out someone on the internets already thought of this.

You’ll excuse me for feeling a little deflated, right? But seriously, if you’d asked me ten years ago what my favorite part of my car might be, I would NOT have answered ‘a toddler toilet that I carry in my trunk’, but here we are.

One of my struggles is corralling trash in the car. I limit food in the car as a general rule, but there are times when I’m going to have 18 fast food cups to deal with. I usually end up climbing around and collecting trash at the end of a trip, but I’d love to cut down on that whole spectacle. But I’m not a fan of the vehicle trash cans I’m finding online. In my vehicle, there middle console is quite a bit larger than the one pictured below, and I think the air vents for the rear passengers might be covered up with this sort of getup:


So that one’s a work in progress for me. I also love the idea of beside-the-seat organizers to make use of the space between the console and my right hip, but I worry about the number of Chick-fil-A crumbs that I’ll find amongst my stuff.

We don’t do a lot of movies in the car, but I also need a better system for keeping those organized. The only thing I can think of is the old CD cases we all used to keep in our back floorboards, which makes me feel incredibly nostalgic. So far, I’ve only kept a handful of DVDs in the car and I rotate them out when we get (read: MAMA GETS) tired of them.

So what’s the latest and greatest on car organization, y’all? Am I the only one obsessing over this, or is it a real thing?

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