Fashion Friday (5/21/21)


This news is a lot less exciting as a middle aged mom than it was 20 years ago, but I am NOT COMPLAINING about cake and candles.

I’m just calling it an ‘anniversary of my 29th birthday’ celebration.

Anyway, this calls for a shopping trip, because, DUH. I’m not into actual birthday parties, so these days, it’s a nice dinner and maybe drinks until about midnight or so, when I remember that I’m OLD and this is WAY PAST BEDTIME.

I typically stick to simple lines and solid colors when I’m dressing myself – I like to let the accessories do the talking. Or, you know, my mouth, because I’m a chatterbox.

But a birthday – especially a milestone one – deserves a little goin’ all out. Here’s what I’m looking at for this one:

I’m never NOT going to love to wear black, and this look is SO me. I know that layers of ruffles sound kind of like I was lying up there a minute ago when I said I stick to simple lines and solid colors, but y’all. How good is this? I feel like it’s a piece I can pull out again and again, too, so this one is definitely in my cart, whether I wear it for my birthday or not.

Green is one of my favorite colors to wear, and I love how effortless this dress is. If you don’t count the effort my strapless bra is putting in, anyway. But let’s be real – I can wear this to my birthday dinner and still GET DOWN with some chips and queso, so it’s a serious contender.

I love that this dress strikes a balance between comfy and sassy. It works with strappy heels or with western boots, which makes it a good choice for most of the restaurants and hotspots in our area. Because let’s face it, boots are always appropriate.

And obviously, that means that this dress, too, might always be appropriate.

……Clicking ‘Add To Cart’ as we speak, y’all.

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