Where In The World?


Where in the world are you trying to go?

This question is usually aimed at my toddler when she’s reaching for the door handle in mismatched shoes, a princess crown, a parka, a cape, and an overnight bag, but today, it’s for YOU, my favorite people in all of the internets.

All because I’ve been suddenly thrown into a tailspin trying to plan family vacation around J’s work schedule.

It’s easy if EV and I head over to visit him, because his work location is pretty much island paradise. Sand, surf, sun, DONE.

But when he comes home, we want to make the most of his time, so it becomes a flurry of frantic planning.

100%, the frantic part is all me. Because I’M the one researching and making spreadsheets and calling tourist attractions and mapping out our path and reading hotel reviews. That is NOT J’s method. He just lets it happen and then enjoys the benefits of all my planning, whether or not he wants to admit JUST HOW USEFUL my spreadsheets can be.

But that’s another story for another time, y’all.

So anyway, I got to planning, which led to dreaming, because HEY ADHD, you’re messing with my spreadsheets.

I have a travel bucket list, like every person who has ever heard of a bucket list, but it’s literally everywhere. Beaches? Mountains? Deserts? Jungles? There’s no answer but yes, right? Until I became a mama, I could throw a dart at a map, travel there, and be thrilled about it because soaking in new experiences is a thrill.

Now, my thrills are a little less thrilling. Making it to the front of the daycare dropoff line? THRILL. Coupon for fresh avocados? ECSTACY.

So anyway, here I am just pinning and googling and dreaming. I know I’m probably missing lots of gems on my list, and I need input from my world traveling friends!

So far on my list, I’ve got:

Europe (I can’t narrow it down to one place here, y’all – I want to hop onto a train and see it ALL)

England, Ireland, and Scotland – yes, definitely all three.

Iceland – because waterfalls, y’all. SO beautiful!

Greece – specifically, Santorini, because have you even seen how gorgeous it is?

Sri Lanka – Beaches. Stunning beauty.

Thailand – rich history and stunning landscape.

Costa Rica – Beaches, jungles, the whole deal.

Cook Islands – I mean, really, landing anywhere on a south Pacific island wouldn’t be bad, right? But I love to visit lesser-known places, so I’ll leave Hawaii to the crowds.

I’d also love to get back to the southern hemisphere and take my time exploring! So what do you say – where in the world do you dream of going?

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