Fashion Friday (5/14/21)

Well. I don’t know about y’all’s neck of the woods, but it’s already summer around here.

It’s pretty much been that way since March, if we’re honest, but that’s south Texas for you.

Anyway. It’s here to stay (basically until January) so I’ve learned to embrace it. Which basically means ‘shop for it’, but it sounds a lot better when I say ‘but honey, I’m just embracing the climate in our area!’

This week I’m shopping basics for my daughter. She’s three going on thirteen and to be honest, she’s incredibly high maintenance.

THROUGH NO FAULT OF MY OWN, you understand.

So we’re at a point in life that my preschooler has more clothes than I do. If you’re a mama of littles, I bet you just nodded right along with me. We’ve got the play/daycare clothes, the town clothes, and the church clothes. If your kid is like mine, the play clothes are usually trashed in the first couple of wears. I don’t know how she manages to drag herself into situations that result in daily splotches and stains and rips, but here we are. I guess she’s got a magic talent for it.

Anyway. After she’s rolled around in permanent dye and machete’d her way through the Amazon in her play clothes, I’m not likely to take her out on the weekends in those clothes. And she’s definitely not showing up in the house of the Lord in that.

That’s a whole GASP AND CLUTCH MY PEARLS kind of not happening.

Here’s the basics I’m stocking up on for her summer wardrobe:


Nothing crazy to see here, folks. It’s just that 99% of my girl’s daycare wardrobe consists of shorts or leggings and t-shirts that I pick up from Target or Walmart. I’m a HUGE fan of Target’s Cat and Jack line for her play wardrobe, which is why she has pretty much every t-shirt design I can find on the cheap table. But don’t sleep on Walmart, y’all. I’m picky about characters and phrases on t-shirts in general, but Walmart has stepped up their game when it comes to kids’ clothing, and bonus – if you’re not shopping a sale or using a Target Circle offer, the t-shirts on Walmart’s cheap table are, well, cheaper.

I didn’t invent the game, y’all, I just shop it.

For shorts, I generally stick with denim because, well, they go with everything. This year I’ve picked up some biker shorts for the REALLY hot months because when it’s 110 in the shade, even denim shorts feel like torture.


Since my little homie isn’t the most graceful of persons just yet, we don’t do a lot of skirts for play. She’s in a solid 3T/4T and most of the little skirts at these sizes aren’t equipped with built-in shorts like the toddler ones – and may I just say WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK for that very clear oversight? Thankfully, the one linked above does have built-in shorts, and she has three of this same skirt because of it.

Anyway. Nothing makes her happier than twirling in a skirt, so I still put her in them. Just, you know, with supervision and biker shorts.

I typically stock up on blouses and ‘nicer’ t-shirts (you know, the ones with trim or ribbons or lace) for her ‘town’ outfits, too. Nothing too crazy, you understand. These just come on hangers instead of folded on the cheap table, aka MY FAVORITE PLACE TO SHOP.


I believe the point has been hammered home, but in case you missed it, it’s hotter’n’hades out here, so Evie’s church dresses are all of the sundress variety this year. Last year she was a little younger and we did a lot of bubbles and sweet little shortie dresses with long socks, but she’s pretty much OVER mama’s styling at this point and wants to wear big girl dresses.

Cue the actual tears, y’all. I thought this happened somewhere around age 13, not THREE PRECIOUS LITTLE YEARS OLD.

I actually scored big at Marshall’s and TJMaxx for these; I found a bunch of bright floral sundresses with LOTS of twirl-ability and she was totally sold. We got the one pictured above (by Tommy Bahama) and about twelve others because mama has NO CHILL. I’ve seen some adorable options that won’t break the bank at The Children’s Place and Carter’s. If you are not living in Podunk, Texas or on the backside of the sun and actually have a Once Upon A Child in your area, RUN DON’T WALK, because these types of dresses are plentiful there, and so much cheaper than retail.

We’ve got a couple ‘fancy’ dresses for church that we throw in here and there, but overall, we’re trending towards sundresses and ‘semi-casual’ because our girl’s patience with satin and tulle is wearing pretty thin.

What about y’all? Anyone have hookups for cute, cheap preschooler-approved summer clothes?

Happy Friday!

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