Fashion Friday (4/23/21)

Ok, y’all.

Deep breath.

Some fashion topics are MUCH more controversial than others, so I feel like I need to talk real fast to get through them.

That’s how I feel about wide-legged pants.

We’ve been skating the edge of the wide-legged trend for awhile with palazzo pants, and paperbag-waisted, loose fitting slacks, and maybe an occasional bell bottom for good measure.

But full-on, boxy and unflattering wide-legged pants are on trend right now, and I can’t convince myself that they’re going to do my shape ANY FAVORS.

Mama’s got some extra baggage, y’all.

I’m on the fence, because I do love some space in the leg area. I’ve got thick thighs and usually wear jegging-style pants because the stretch accommodates all the junk in my trunk without the side effect of an ill-fitting waist and calf area. I can deal with loose and flowy. But can I be honest? The fact that every single person I’ve seen in those trendy pants looks square-shaped is NOT LOST ON ME. Slender young things with nary an extra pound to be found. SQUARE BOTTOMED. I’ve been Pinteresting to try and find some decent examples, and I’m not sure I’m totally on board.

This pair looks absolutely precious on this tall, willowy model. She is stunning and she’s rocking the look, no question about it.

And then she turns around.

Square bottom half, y’all. These pants have taken this sweet girl’s backside and turned it into a shape that shouldn’t be associated with backsides. Am I the only one that thinks this isn’t a good thing?

I appreciate that this blogger is rocking out with the wide legged pants, styled as a grown up and not a model for the ‘gram, because bless it, this mama ain’t ready for all that.

But I have to say that the looks aren’t exactly screaming ‘flattering’, even if they’re on-trend and comfortable.


I just… I don’t know. I want to be as hip as the next person, but I think it’s finally happening. I’m finally becoming that middle aged person who is confused about fashion and several years behind in their personal style.

What do y’all think? Anyone out there finding a good way to work in this trend without baring a midriff or ending up square?

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