Spring Decoratin’

I know this is going to sound crazy, but y’all, spring kind of makes me sad.

It’s like reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder, I guess, but I’m positively morose when we ‘spring forward’ our clocks.

You know what that means in south Texas?

It means we’re rolling on up to the season of mosquitoes and temperatures bordering those of hellfire and brimstone, that’s what.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good summertime activity, like, oh, say, an air-conditioned jaunt or a little lark on the ocean. But I really love the season of fluffy blankets and cheesy Hallmark movies and a roaring fireplace.

I mean, my fireplace is electric and doesn’t roar, but who cares because it’s TOTAL AMBIENCE.

Anyway, I’m firmly in the ‘winter’ camp, if we’re picking sides here, but that isn’t going to stop me from cruising into the season with my best foot forward. I’ve been doing ‘spring stuff’.

Do y’all do ‘spring stuff’? Like packing up your sweaters and heavy blankets and putting out warm weather things? Redecorating the house and changing out all the wax warmers?

Trying to convince your hubs to buy all new furniture and repaint the house?

Did we just take it a step too far?

So I’m doing spring stuff right now. We’re currently in a rental home and house hunting, so I know, in my head, that we’re going to be packing up and moving on. Sooner, rather than later, although if J and I can’t narrow down our wish list, we might be living in our storage unit soon.

I’m not even going to touch THAT subject with a 10-foot-pole right now.

But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to paint and refurbish and totally reinvent our décor, because nothing pulls me out of a daylight-savings-induced funk like decorating!

Here’s what I’m currently obsessing over:


I have an open concept living/dining in our current home, which we love. We know we want open concept in our next home, so I feel totally justified in shopping NOW for rugs that we can totally…maybe…. Use in our next home, too.

I’m going to go ahead and say it. I’m a huge fan of pattern and color. I love warm, vibrant spaces and interesting layers. The ADHD in me craves visual interest, so the details are important. Since I usually decorate with whatever makes me happy, I’d say I’m pretty firmly boho. J, on the other hand, leans toward what I’ll politely describe as ‘contemporary’.

See also: 14-piece bundled living room special from your local furniture retailer. Or furniture catalog page. Or, you know, NO PERSONAL TOUCH.

So anyway, I’m trying to experiment with compromises.

Southwestern is a whole look, and it vibes well with boho aesthetics. It’s based in neutral earth tones but plays with pattern, so I feel like we could make this work. Here’s a couple that have caught my eye:



We desperately need new living room furniture. Our couch is a holdover from J’s old place, so it’s a standard bachelor-pad style in dark brown leather. It’s starting to peel in places, so replacing it isn’t news, no matter HOW shocked J appears every time it’s brought up. We’re definitely waiting to pull the trigger on a new couch/sofa until we’re in a different house, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming right now.

These are my GOALS couches:


I clearly have a type. Caramel-y cognac colored leather sectional, big and comfortable, but with mid century modern/boho vibes, and preferably legs so that I can get a vacuum underneath it.


Our coffee table also belonged to J, and while it’s functional, it’s seen better days. It’s also seen not-so-better days when puppies chewed on its edges, so it’s on the list to replace.

But a coffee table is a serious discussion when two people with very different aesthetics are trying to agree on something.

Y’all. Furniture shopping with J feels like negotiating trade deals between hostile countries.


My goals for a coffee table: either square or round (I feel like both of these styles lend themselves to a more useful table), with storage, and on the boho/industrial side. I don’t love open storage with baskets because it gets super messy.

Ask me how I know. I’ll side-eye our current coffee table and its messy baskets and give you the total rundown.

So here’s what I’ve got on my short list (and trust me, J hates them all):


So what’s your decorating style? Am I wishfully thinking when it comes to neutral palettes and, you know, KIDS?

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