Fashion Friday – 4/16/21

Cheers to the weekend, y’all! It’s Friday and I am suddenly FULL OF ENERGY. Unlike Tuesday afternoons when I’m wondering how the week could have possibly been this long.

So today we’re going to discuss, at great length, the perfect flip flop, or at least, the hunt for and in the interest of total honesty, I am somewhat of an EXPERT on these.

I wrote a whole blog post about sentimentality and precious memories, all based on a pair of flip flops, y’all. The love is real.

But the PERFECT flip flop is a little bit elusive. Probably because perfect looks different for everybody. Or, you know, every outfit.

Here’s what I’m currently rocking, but, you know, send a sister a good deal and I might expand my horizons.

BIRKS. Do you hate them? Love them? I grew up in the era where they were decidedly uncool. Normally worn with crew-length white socks, broomstick skirts, and crazy hair. Close your eyes and picture that visual and I bet you grew up knowing a couple 70s-throwback granola crunchers, too.

Anyway. They’re obviously back and cool again, and my geriatric feet are REJOICING because the comfort is real, y’all. I hate HATE the fact that you wear them once and they’re permanently imprinted with a greasy brown footprint, though. I don’t even know how to reconcile that in my germophobe brain, honestly. But once I put them on, I CAN’T EVEN TELL. So there’s that.

REEFS. I’m going to have to stop right here and fully own the fact that my flip flop picks are all based on how comfortable they are, rather than their style rating. My out-and-about-around-town shoes need to be comfy, y’all. These feet have carried me a lot of places and they’re OLD.

Reef sandals are a huge deal on the island. They’re durable and water-friendly. You can wash the sand and grossness right off of them (and then spray them with sanitizer if you’re a weirdo like me). I fell in love with them for that reason alone. Some of them are admittedly…not cute. But I have these and can vouch for them. They’re totally adorable on an actual foot.

I have about 6 pairs of these casual leather flip flops from Target and y’all. They are love. They’re cheap, they come in multiple colors, and they’re comfortable. I buy them every season and they have yet to disappoint me.

What are your go-to flip flops? Are you an old fogey like me and gravitating towards memory-foam footbeds, or rocking out in the name of style?

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