Fashion Friday – 4/9/21

April showers bring May flowers, if you don’t live in coastal South Texas where the weather is unpredictable at best, and when it’s misbehaving, a total nightmare to live with.

Oh, also, good morning and happy Friday!

So the weather in our area is definitely a solid CON, if you’re making a list. We do have a rainy season, but it actually coincides with hurricane season and not the traditional sweet showers of spring that invite tiny little buds of hope to blossom into an array of riotous beauty.

Nope. None of that here.

BUT. That’s not going to stop me from shopping, like, ever. This week’s theme is rainy day outfits, and in my head, I’m in Seattle or some other chilly and misty far-off land. I mean, I’m as practical as the next person – and I realize that any outfit becomes a rainy day one when you’re caught without your umbrella – but there’s something about a good pair of Hunter boots and comfy, light layers that makes me think getting caught in the rain isn’t all that bad.

So, if you live in one of those far-off lands, or if your fashion follows weather patterns, I’m here for you, girl. LET’S SHOP!

HUNTER BOOTS, y’all. I know that most folks are all about the classic Hunter boot favored by the Duchess of Cambridge, and while I do love a good tall riding boot, longline rubber boots ARE NOT IT for me and my thick calves. So the fact that they have tons of ankle boot options is a win for us (you know, me, myself, and my thick calves). Shaft width is of zero concern, my feet don’t get too hot, and they’re easier to dry out when I do wear them in the rain (and not for fashion’s sake). I love the plain ol’ Chelsea (pictured here) but I’m side-eyeing the City Boot.

I will always default to my $4.88 Walmart leggings because there’s almost no occasion they won’t work. Except for maybe a black tie ball.

Also, they have an elastic waist, so there’s that important piece of information to keep in mind when perusing your options.

There’s nothing quite as miserable as wet, sodden jeans, y’all. Get yourself into some leggings and boots and LIVE THE LIFE.

Light layers are not revolutionary. All the real fashion bloggers and most of the fake ones have covered this trend, and I’m not here to disprove them. Or to decide if they’re real or fake, for that matter.

Jesus don’t like the judgin’.

Anyway, for rainy spring days, I like a good 90s throwback windbreaker. Ok, maybe not a whole throwback. I bought this anorak-style windbreaker from Target awhile back and it is LOVE. I seriously wear it all the time because it’s the perfect layer for rainy, maybe-chilly-maybe-too-humid-to-breathe days spent darting in and out of wet weather and air conditioned buildings. It’s only available in plus sizes now, so if that’s you, RUN. Don’t walk.

I’m obsessed with crossbody bags now that EV’s old enough that I don’t need to carry diapers and wipes and creams around in my bag. I tend to default to Louis Vuitton these days, but don’t use my bougie self as a reference point for the best bags, y’all. There are SO many cute options; you want to look for something that is double layered (to protect your stuff, duh) but easily wiped down after a good storm.

If you ARE an LV fan, I’d recommend the Pochette Metis reverse. I also use my Favorite MM quite a bit, but I switch out the strap on rainy days with my Metis strap because it’s also canvas and less likely to become sulky and covered with water spots like the ridiculously fragile LV vachetta.

That’s it for today’s rainy day roundup! Have a beautiful weekend, friends!

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