Happy Spring, Y’all!

I’m like the reverse Grinch when it comes to weather changes.

Snow? Cold? Sweaters? BRING IT ON, I’m in my happy place.

Springtime? Flowers? Warm breezes? UGHHH.

It’s not because I hate flowers and warm breezes – I mean, what? That’s weird. I love all that stuff! Minus the allergies, because DEAR LORD WHY.

But I also know that means that it’s going to be HOT AS BLAZES pretty soon, and that I’ll have to wait a really long time to wear my sweaters and drink my hot drinks again, and that makes me a little sad.

I’m embracing the changes, though, and trying to take the positives right along with my allergy meds. I’ve changed my phone background so that I have an almost-constant reminder that Spring has sprung and the seasons of life are shifting.

And what kind of overshare-er would I be if I didn’t share the love right here?


My current lock screen, because I’ll never NOT love a little farmhouse-y vibe.

{from Pinterest}

Anthro wallpaper, but for your phone. DONE AND DONE.

Happy Monday, friends!

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