Fashion Friday (3/19/21)

Let’s talk about SUMMER fashion, shall we?

We can totally do that. We just won’t mention SUMMER, which lasts about a billion months in south Texas and is my least favorite temperature.

Blazin’ HAIL, that’s the temperature.

Anyway. FASHION, let’s talk about that.


They’ve been trending for several years now, so this isn’t anything new or earth-shaking, but I’m still here for it. I’ve been adding to my collection FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS. I’ve got the must-have leopard print (from Target), several shades of pink/coral, and several prints. Basically, I’m going to be living in these over the next six months, because that’s how long summer lasts around here. Paperbag-waisted ANYTHING is so easy to style, and it’s forgiving for mamas with a little extra tummy.

It’s me. I’m mamas with a little extra tummy.


Stripes. So many stripes. Pretty much every fashion guru will point out that horizontal stripes can widen the visual load, so to speak – they aren’t the most slimming pattern.

Pretty much I DON’T EVEN CARE.

I gravitate towards stripes. They’re so crisp and preppy (do the kids still say preppy?) and I love them anyway. Also, there are countless thousands of pins on Pinterest that confirm everyone else loves them, too.

Also, please see t-shirt dresses. Target came out with these little t-shirt dresses last year in several colors, and I bought them all. They’re SO easy to style and I think I paid $11 each for olive green, black, and mauve.

Also, mom-tummy coverage, so WINNING.

{from Pinterest}

Tucked tunics and shorts. Or skirts. Or pants. Or anything, really, but it’s gonna be French tucked. As a PCOS warrior, I’ve covered my struggles with weight a thousand times, so I won’t rehash that here. But I’ve always loved the partial tuck, and never thought I could pull it off because, well, my weight can swing pretty dramatically from week to week and sometimes even day to day.

Turns out, I can pull off whatever I feel like pulling off. That decision was pretty freeing for me, and resulted in a lot of French tucking last year. This year, the forecast calls for MORE TUCKING and less caring about what vibe I’m pulling off.

{from Pinterest}

Shortalls. Short overalls? Shorties? I don’t know what to call these, but they started popping up everywhere last year. I remember these back when they were cool the first time. Teenagers EVERYWHERE were rocking overalls with one strap undone.

Tommy Hilfiger, if you please.

I hold zero illusions about being a Tommy girl, y’all. But they’re a cute casual look that says ‘I’m not like those other moms, I’m A COOL MOM’. And I’m totally a cool mom.

Are you thinking about summer fashion yet?

Happy Friday, friends!

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