Fashion Friday (3/5/21)

It’s Friday, one of my seven most favorite days of the week EVER!

This week, I’m elbow deep in styling for the mature woman.

Obviously, that’s not me.

In all seriousness, my love of fashion spills over (alllll over) onto my family members, and my sweet mama is no exception to that rule. I love, love, LOVE helping people nail down their personal style and find pieces that make them feel comfortable!

So let’s talk about cool grandma fashion, shall we?


FLOWY PIECES. I absolutely love This With This for styling cool grandmas. This is their ‘Majorca’ top, and it’s got fun ruffle detailing and a casual, loose silhouette. I say this all the time, but I can’t wait to wear grandma clothes. No one cares if you wear gigantic kaftans and oversized sunglasses and stacks and stacks of mismatched jewelry. You have EARNED YOUR RIGHT to not match and not wear a girdle, and NO ONE DARES TO JUDGE.

I’m here for all of that.


WILD PATTERNS. Because again, WHO’S GONNA QUESTION GRANDMA? I absolutely love that there are options like this available. Love bright colors? Love roses? Love zebras? You’re at a stage in your life that you have earned the style points to spend on those kinds of things.

I’ll be the first to stop you before things get out of hand, but truly; much of our lives as ladies are spent dressing for everyone and everything else. For a job. For our role as a mom or leader. For our spouse. For a reputation. Grandmas get to dress for themselves, so playing with color and texture is totally on the table.

Yep. I’m still here for it.

{from Pinterest}

LAYERING PIECES. I love the feminine detailing of this cardigan, and love that it’s semi-structured so it can be dressed up or down.

{from Pinterest}

HAVE FUN WITH ACCESSORIES. This g-mama is WORKING the necklace stack here, and I love it. This is another one of the reasons grandma fashion is so fun – you can be as bold or eclectic as your little heart desires, and no one can tell you NOTHIN’, honey.

That’s today’s fashionable chit-chat! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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