Fashion Friday (2/26/21)

I can’t believe we haven’t talked about this before, y’all.

Countless fashion Fridays, and NONE of the love for the menfolk?

My guy’s birthday is coming up in a few days, so since my particular skill set is being a ninja at shopping, I’ve been browsing the internets with man stuff in mind.

J’s pretty easygoing about fashion; his look is pretty standard for guys around here. If he’s home or casual, he’s in a t-shirt and basketball shorts. Maybe khaki shorts, if we’re talking lunch at the Dairy Queen or something like that.

If we’re getting fancy or going to church, it’s his boots, wranglers, and pearl snap shirt. He miiiiiight be convinced to slip on a t-shirt instead of the pearl snap if it’s a billion degrees outside, but that’s it. That’s all the fashion. There’s no other looks.

His one constant is a baseball cap. Usually backwards, but always a cap.

Since I’m shopping for him right now, I thought it would be fun to chit-chat about dude fashion!


SO, obviously, we gotta start with the boots. You’re going to want a good, solid casual pair, but if you’re real fancy, you’re going to want a pair of exotics. Ostrich is a popular choice, but these are J’s fancy-pants boots, and they’re caiman.

I don’t really have an opinion on boots, unless they’re ugly ones, and then, dear heavens, DON’T BUY THOSE BOOTS.

He picked those out with my approval, because I’m, you know, real easygoing and I don’t really have an opinion about it.


I’ve mentioned J’s affinity for paisley prints before, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that he owns this shirt and one almost identical that he swears is TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

When he’s not wearing a pearl snap, he’s in a t-shirt (Salvage and American Fighter are faves of his).


Here’s what I would dress him in, if he’d listen to me.

Y’all, he literally heard me read this aloud to him and had the nerve to snort.

The literal nerve.


{from Pinterest}

Yall. I am digging this look. I love a layered sweater-over-button-up. And a good leather brogue-style shoe. I’m pretty sure J could rock this look. He says he’d split those skinny pants clear in half.


{from Pinterest}

Ok, so I’m not a super fan of these shoes, but the look overall? It’s GOOD. I like a blazer-and-jeans combo. I like that this look eschews a collar in favor of a more casual sweater. J’s response? ‘Do you want me to die of a heatstroke?’

{from Pinterest}

I haven’t a snowball’s chance in getting J to cuff his pants like this. Or wear moto jeans, in general. Or wear jeans that are a color other than blue or black. I think this is a cute casual look, but J didn’t even grace me with a response when I told him that.

{from Pinterest}

I remember when fashionable gents wouldn’t be caught dead in a double-breasted suit, much less with gold buttons, but here we are, living the dream, folks. I like a good navy suit, and a coordinating tie and pocket square are literal ICING ON THE CUPCAKE for me. Not for J, who says this suit is WAY TOO SMALL for this dude and is weirdly fixated on the fact that his feet are probably super sweaty without socks.

At this point, I think it’s a good idea to try something more familiar with him, so I’m switching to hats.

Dear heavens. J is already appalled, y’all. I love this look and homie is ROCKING it and now J is side-eying me because I typed that.

I said what I said.

Anyway. Any man who can rock a trilby with confidence and also look good doing it should be complimented.


Well, this one is the George Strait collection, so obviously, I was immediately sold, because, well George is my MAN. J’s not SOLD, but he might be convinced to reach for his wallet for this one.

{from Pinterest}

-insert dramatic sigh-

Surprise, surprise. J wholeheartedly approves of this look, probably because he owns 17 outfits exactly like this.

Right down to the hat.

That’s a wrap, folks. Happy Friday!

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