Miraculous Mornings

Do you have a morning routine? I’m naturally a night owl, so waking up before the dew evaporated from the grass was completely foreign to me until fairly recently in my adult life.

Like.. It literally rains a little every morning?!?

I spent the early years of my adult life just kind of tug-of-warring it out with mornings. Holding down a job meant dragging my tail end out of bed in enough time to make myself presentable and get to work on time.

And that whole paycheck thing is a big deal when you’ve got pesky little things like bills due every month.

I’ve been talking a lot about organization and structure lately, so I’m pretty sure you can fill in the blanks here. Suffice to say I AM A NEW WOMAN.

I attended a seminar with an enthusiastic, energetic guy from Austin several years ago. That wasn’t unusual; Austinites run on green juice and the essence of nature and are generally WAY MORE PEPPY than most folks around my neck of the woods. What was unusual is that while I was struggling to keep my eyes open, because mornings and me – not particularly cordial.

Anyway, that guy (Hal Elrod, in case you want to skip ahead) started to share his story. Basically – and I’m sorry, because I’m giving you the Cliff’s Notes and probably sharing trademarked secrets, please don’t sue me – he was in a terrible, tragic accident and died for a few minutes. Recovered and came back successful and strong. Then he had cancer and lost all that success and fortune. And then had some epiphanies about taking control of his own success and Making. It. Happen.


I remained unconvinced about the bottom line of his message, which is essentially GET UP AN HOUR EARLIER and do a handful of productive, self-building things. Getting up an hour earlier sounded like a whole lot of unnecessary ish, but I could be down with getting productive things done in the morning.

(By the way, the book is called The Miracle Morning, if you’re interested in his story and message! Think, like, Tony Robbins-esque motivation, and you’ve got the gist of it.)

Anyway. I started incorporating some reflection and meditation time into my mornings. That turned into stretches and focused prayer and Bible reading. As I started making those things habitual, I found myself setting my alarm earlier to give myself some time to get them done.

I wish I could say that I also had an epiphany and suddenly began bounding out of bed at 5AM with purpose and Austinite-level enthusiasm, but that ain’t my story, y’all. It was gradual for me.

But now that I’m here, let me just tell you. I AM A CONVERT. Ask me if I’m a morning person now, go ahead. ASK ME.

I’m totally a morning person now. In fact, it’s truly the most productive portion of my day. I’m up by 5 every day, but lately, that’s crept a little earlier because my body wakes me before my clock does.

Y’all. That’s like, BEFORE it even dews all over the grass every morning.

Here’s what a typical morning looks like for me:

5-5:30AM – Get up, make my bed, 10 minutes of stretching, and devotion time

5:30-6AM – Hair/makeup, assembling my work bag and EV’s school bag (items are prepped the night before), and tidying up. I might put on a load of laundry or put away clean dishes or mop our floors – I usually have about 10 minutes to knock out some chores, and you’d be amazed at what you can do with 10 minutes if you’re motivated!

6-6:30AM – Wake and dress Evie. We do a morning song and make her bed together and she’ll ‘help’ me with small tasks like wiping down the bathroom after we’re done and bundling trash together to be taken outside later.

6:30AM – We’re out the door on the way to school. The doors open at 7AM, so we’ll be a few minutes early. We use that time to FaceTime family ‘good morning’ and have some quality time, which has lately consisted of the ask-Mommy-a-thousand-questions game. Usually, we’ll sing ABCs, do affirmations, or read a book (we keep a fabric tote of books and games on the floor in front of her seat).

I am completely aware that a miraculous morning looks different for everyone. This is just MY morning routine. It would look totally different with another kiddo or two thrown in the mix, or a longer commute (I’m at about 30 minutes each way), or any number of variables. You can’t possibly even WANT to base your morning on mine, but I wanted to share it because it highlights the fact that 1) night owls CAN become morning people and enjoy it, and 2) it IS totally possible to find extra time to be productive.

You just have to be willing to get up before the grass is wet.

So tell me – what would your routine look like if you were up and at ‘em earlier? Or are you already an early bird GETTIN’ THAT WORM?

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