Fashion Friday (2/12/21)

It’s that time of year, friends. I am in NO WAY ready to let go of ‘winter’, but we’re right at the lull in the season where everyone starts thinking about spring. Wishing for sunshine and flowers blooming.

Not me. I live in south Texas, so that just means a stuffy nose and headache and my kid getting a cold and having to double down on the breathing treatments and SO MUCH KLEENEX.

A real treat, I tell you.

What I DO love about spring is the opportunity to schedule family photos. Now, let me be real honest here. We’ve been trying to schedule family photos for TWO YEARS. Schedules collided, COVID happened, it was a whole deal.

That being said, I’m nothing if not incredibly over-prepared, y’all. Every time there was even a whisper of suggestion that a photo shoot was in the works, I WAS ON IT. I put together seventeen flatlays. Scoured the internets for the PERFECT PALETTE. Ordered custom bows and stockings and dresses and shoes.

And then cancelled the photoshoots.

SO. That catches us up to here and now. Me, with a whole bunch of GORGEOUS fluttery, flowy, photograph-able dresses hanging in my closet. And about 50 flatlays of dress options for Evie and I. And all this VERY HELPFUL KNOWLEDGE about how to plan a family shoot.

And no family photos.

We have a shoot scheduled next month, so I’m crossing fingers it actually happens this time. I’m also shopping like a crazy person, because, well, I don’t really need a reason to do that.

My absolute FAVORITE place to start is Lulu’s. I absolutely recommend their pieces for photo shoots or fancy galas or when you’re just feelin’ fancy. All of the flatlays below start with a dress from Lulu’s. None of them include dad outfits for J, because, let’s face it. He’s gonna wear jeans and boots and a pearl snap shirt, no matter what we wear. The only variation in his look might be the color of his shirt.

He likes to live on the very EDGE, y’all.

Anyway, here we go:

Dress from Lulu’s, obviously. I’m iffy about wearing such a busy pattern on camera, because I feel like it has the potential to go badly. But it’s super cute, and I’m loving it with a sweet little white smocked dress for my girl!

Also, from Lulu’s, but I liked this one better with the little gold dress (from Target) for EV. I feel like this wrap option would be super workable for me, but I’m thinking about a lace cami beneath it, just in case.

I actually picked this little pinafore before finding the mama dress (at Lulu’s, naturally) and I absolutely love the colors. I’m leaning towards magenta shoes and bow for EV, and maybe some lace knee highs?

I am absolutely loving this glitzy boho vibe. I’m not sure how spring-ish it is, but I’m HERE FOR THE SPARKLE. And I’m raising a tiny human raccoon who is also here for the sparkle, so this one gets all of EV’s votes.

You’ll be shocked to find that this mama option is also from Lulu’s, no?


Well. It’s one of my favorite colors to wear because it works for my skin tone and eye color. EV’s mixed race, which means she’s got a gorgeous perma-tan and looks like an angel in every single thing she wears.

Because what else would a child of mine look like, right?!?

Anyway, that’s what I’m currently clicking through the internets about. What are you shopping for this Friday?

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