Fashion Friday (2/5/21)

It’s that time of year, y’all.

The season of made-up holidays.

Not that I personally mind, you understand. I’m down to celebrate any and everything. But even a party-plannin’ fool like me knows that this stretch of the year is all about wringing the most money out of folks.

Valentine’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day?

Not at all the celebrations that they were originally designed to be, but HEY. A party is a party, and every retailer in the country is in on the festive action.

So, apparently, is my kid’s school, where all the holidays are celebrated. And all the outfits must be worn.

It’s a whole thing, and from what I reckon, it doesn’t get any easier as she gets older.

So we’re talking about those outfits for ‘extra’ holidays today. Do you, or don’t you? Are you the Old Navy family with the matching $5 4th of July t-shirts? Turkey outfits for Thanksgiving?

I don’t always pull out the big guns for myself, but up to this point, I’ve dressed EV for every holiday. Here’s what I mean:


Valentine’s Day is as commercialized as they come. I know it is. I’m woke, y’all. But it’s also incredibly sentimental to me because my Daddy always, always made a big deal out of it. Even in lean times when the family finances probably didn’t warrant it, he’d come home with a foil-wrapped chocolate rose for each of us girls and a handful of flowers for my Mama. It was important to him to celebrate love and show us how we should be loved, so I will celebrate this holiday until I die.

And then try and pry it from my cold, dead hands.

I bought this outfit for EV awhile back and she’s going to rock it all this month.


St. Patrick’s Day has never been a big deal in my family, mostly because we’re in south Texas, not Boston, and we don’t drink beer. I was homeschooled most of my life, so I escaped the whole ‘pinching-if-you-don’t-wear-green’ game at school. But I have green eyes, so I also escaped that whole game outside of school.

And when I was old enough to be smart-mouthed and get away with it, I’d level a stare at the would-be pincher and tell them my underwear were green.

I never claimed to be a saint, y’all.

Anyway. My daughter has brown eyes. And I’ll be a cross-eyed loon before she talks about HER underwear. AND they’ll be painting handprint shamrocks at school for a solid week or two, so I’m kind of obligated, here, aren’t I?

I picked the dress above because she’ll get more wear out of it than a single day, and also, rainbows are kind of our thing. She’s my rainbow baby, so she was destined to wear all manner of rainbow things already – and then she decided that pink and sunshine and rainbows are her favorite.



4th of July t-shirts aren’t anything new – Old Navy’s had that market cornered since the 90s. But then I had to birth a daughter, and we went from flag t-shirts to ruffles and bows and stars and TOTAL EXTRA-NESS. Up to this point, she’s worn ruffly baby bubbles with stars and stripes, but she’s almost three, and she’s a big girl now, as much as it pains my heart to admit. So we’re going with this set and crossing our fingers it’s as cute as it looks online!

That’s it for ‘holidays we shouldn’t need to dress for, but we totally do it anyway’ today!

Happy Friday!

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