Fashion Friday (1/22/21)

It’s FRIYAY, y’all! This week has flown by, and I’m so ready to spend some quality time with my kiddo this weekend. We’re hoping the weather is nice enough for a bike ride, because EV’s been fixated on our neighbor’s new puppy and dying to visit him.

There’s nothing like jam-packing your schedule with toddlers and puppies, y’all.

You gotta get you some!

Anyway, today I’m fixated, too. As much as I talk about fashion, I’m actually not one to deviate from my own personal style – which may or may not be 10 years out of mode. I like what I like, y’all.

But it’s more than what I like – I’m comfortable with what I know is most flattering to me, so I’m no longer interested in chasing trends. I’ve been there and done that, and struggled through many an event in an outfit that I felt uncomfortable in – all in the name of fashion.

When I say ‘problem area’, your brain probably automatically flies to YOUR problem area – or what you perceive as a less-favorite part of your body. I’m here to tell you that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, no matter what you think about that part of your body. I’m also here to tell you that I have it, too. For me, it’s my tummy. I’m an hourglass shape, which is nice in theory. Small waist and evenly proportionate bust and hip, right?

You wanna know what happens to an hourglass shape when it gains weight? Or when it houses a baby for 9 months and then deflates? Or when it survives diastasis recti?


Short of having surgery, there’s not ever going to be a time that my tummy is show-ready, and I’m mostly ok with that. But I also know that I can choose silhouettes that camouflage my problem area and make the most of what I’ve got, so that’s what I do.

It’s not rocket science, because that is NOT what I do, but if you’re looking for some ideas to deal with your own mommy-tummy, come on over. We’ve got snacks.

Peplum tops have been around forever – they’re a throwback from the 50s, and circled back around in the 80s and early 2000s. I plan on keeping them around forever, because they’re super flattering for those of us living with the mom tum. I mean, to be fair, I also wore them pre-child and have no real reason to blame my sweet daughter for my extra girth, but it feels better to call it mom-tum.  


High waisted pants are pretty much a slam dunk for tummy troubles, so I’m not telling you anything new here. Every single pair of jeans I own is the highest possible rise I can find. Seriously, it’s a thing I ask for when I enter a store to buy jeans. But I’ve also fallen hard for paperbag waisted pants over the last couple of years, and I’m gonna be REAL SAD when they’re too out-of-fashion to get away with anymore. I love that they skim over my trouble area and that I can dress them up or down, depending on how I style them.

Paperbag pants for LIFE, y’all.

Most fashion divas are going to recommend an a-line silhouette for camouflaging tummy issues, so again, nothing new here. I mean, who am I to tell you any different?

The issue for me, personally, is that dresses are a tough fit. If I can get them to fit in the waist, they’re indecently snug around the bust and hip. Even with an a-line cut, anything that nips in appropriately at the waist is going to leave me LITERALLY BREATHLESS because it’s going to squeeze my chest like a vise grip.

Or panic attack, which is what happens when I try these pieces on in the dressing room and then CAN’T GET OUT.

Anyway, I’ve taken to wearing shirts and tops in this silhouette. I love that I can mix and match tops and bottoms like this, and I can buy my actual size. I wear my skirts higher on my natural waist, and typically will knot or French tuck my tops like the photo above to highlight the smallest part of my waist, rather than my mom-tum.


Oh, LOOK. It’s leopard! Shocking, right? Anyway. BEHOLD. The surplice wrap dress, which can also be considered as the one style of dress that I can wear comfortably.

Adjustable, totally forgiving when it comes to covering that tummy of mine, and the natural V-shaped neckline of a wrap dress brings the eye up towards my face.

Hopefully not trained on my bust, because ew.

But seriously, this is a good look for mamas with bellies (I’m trying hard to dance around that ‘mom-tum’ term, can you tell?) and a super easy outfit for the office or church, which, incidentally, are the only places outside of Target that I go to nowadays.

So there you have it. MOM-TUM FASHION SOLUTIONS.

Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. Happy Friday, friends!

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