Hey, Yo, iPhone!

Y’all remember when everyone with an iPhone was going crazy a few months ago with iOS 14 and the Shortcuts app and making their phone screens look super cool?

And then Android users were like ‘we had that in 2015, y’all are lame’?

And then the rest of us who own really old iPhones that are paid for and function just fine laughed politely and quietly flipped their phones over so no one could see their totally plain, not-even-fun home screens?

GOOD TIMES, right?

Well, anyway, all that was a real thing back in September. I know – we’re all trying to forget 2020. I’m with you, friend. I get it.

But also, something happened to those of us who fell into ‘the rest of us’ up there. We finally changed our lock screens that we’d ignored for years. Maybe even our home screens.

By we, clearly I mean ME.

It led me down a rabbit hole on Pinterest, too, y’all. All of the sudden I NEEDED all the themed phone backgrounds. I even fiddled around with my own designs. Serious business, you understand.

I decided this needs to be a thing on the blog, because before I got all intimidated by other people’s rockin’ home screens, I literally didn’t pay attention to mine at all. So you can expect some occasional posts with phone background goodness from here on out, as a helpful reminder that it might be time for a refresh.

You’re welcome.


Because nothing brings joy like a little sunshine motif, right? Half of my kid’s wardrobe is sunshine and rainbows, and we like it like that.


Y’all already know how deep my love for leopard print runs, but I’m a big fan of monochromatic prints, so I like this option, too – and it’s perfect if you want to customize it, too!


You can’t tell me this wallpaper doesn’t make you want to hop up and DO ALL THE THINGS.


Valentine’s Day is coming, y’all. Just going to point that out for those of you (us) that haven’t mentally recovered from all the creativity and effort that the holiday season just took out of us.

Yep. Valentine’s. Brace yourselves for all the heart shaped, pink-and-red, teddy-bear-covered joy!

Happy Monday, friends!

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