Holiday Baking – Paleo Style

I’m not gonna lie to you.

I’ve fallen off the wagon a time or two over the past couple of weeks. I’m a foodie at heart, and my love of all things sugared, cheesy, or carby – or all of the above – is never going to go away.

But I committed to this life of balance and wellness. My body is happier when it’s healthy. My symptoms are controlled. My tummy isn’t bloated. My clothes fit. My mind is alert. I know, in my heart, that this commitment means a better life for me and better opportunities for my little one to make the right choices for her own health.

So here I am on a Monday morning, digging through paleo-friendly Christmas recipes, because y’all. THE CRAVE IS REAL.

I found some things on the internets that I will, most definitely, be trying. At least five of them will probably be in my oven this week.

I told y’all. THE CRAVE IS REAL.


This gingerbread skillet cookie is going DOWN at my house. I’ve already checked in my pantry for the ingredients, and I’ve got everything I need. Dinner? Who needs dinner? We can totally skip to the gingerbread tonight.


I am a FAN of dates, y’all. Aside from my toddler, no one in my family cares for them, but that’s just because they haven’t had a chance to love them like I have. This recipe is definitely on my list to try this week. There aren’t any crazy funky ingredients (unless you don’t already have dates at home, which, why wouldn’t you?!?) and it looks absolutely amazing.

This recipe is vegan, too, so if you’re plant-based, it still works for you!


One of the things I remember about my great-Grandma is her molasses cookies. Those and her applesauce cookies were her specialties, and she loved baking them for us! We lived across the country from her and visits were rare, so the few memories I have of her – like the ones of her pulling fresh cookies out of the oven in her little blue kitchen – are special!

These cookies are simple and allergy-friendly. That makes them a win for us!

Let me just say that these cookies look nothing like what you’d expect from a Paleo treat. I’m totally here for the chocolate and the fact that there’s frosting means two things. First, I will love these. Second, I will make these on a weekend because it’s going to be DIRTY DISHES FOR DAYS.


If you’re seeing a cookie theme here, you’re not wrong. I’m a big fan for holiday events because they’re easy to grab – without touching everything around it – and not too crazy messy.

Who am I kidding? I’m also a big fan of cookies for sitting on my couch with decaf coffee and a Hallmark movie.

It’s called BALANCE.

These guys are a spin-off of a holiday classic, and I’m all for reinvention of the wheel when it comes to yummy baked goods, so I plan to try these out as potential baked gifts!


This cake is giving me all the festive vibes. I’m envisioning another potential baked gift here, but if I’m honest, I’m totally envisioning myself enjoying a big hunk of this with almond milk in my kitchen. While it’s still warm.

What are you baking this holiday season?

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