Fashion Friday (12/11/20)

Ok, y’all.

We’re taking off in a different direction here.

It’s time to talk about the mama uniform, aka LOUNGEWEAR.

Being the properly raised southern gal that I am, loungewear is still a little foreign to me. ‘A little foreign’ might be an understatement. When I was being raised, my mama wouldn’t have let me out of the house in it.

But I’m the mama now, and I have a deep love of comfort. I just have trouble wrapping my brain around the whole jammies-in-public thing.

I’m nothing if not game for some research, though, so I’m diving into athleisure wear. I’m mom-bunned up and ready to go!

{from Pinterest}

So right off the bat, I know that I prefer the jogger length over a longer, oversized fit. I have a couple pairs in this style that I wear at home, usually eating Dairya bars on my couch while my kid does backflips over my head. I don’t think I can do heels with sweats – that’s SO New York, but not small town south Texas. Pretty sure someone would turn me in for public intoxication.

It is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that this mama is ever leaving the couch in her joggers and crop top, I can promise you that. But I think I can mimic what this look accomplishes with a French-tucked t-shirt and Converse shoes, and I’m kind of digging the vibe!

{from Pinterest)

So aside from this top being a little too cropped for my taste, this is an outfit I could totally roll with. Denim jacket, loose top, and athletic leggings/shoes, and I think I could work with this for a Saturday errand day.

{from Pinterest}

An oversized cardigan makes everything better, in my humble opinion. I could be ok with this outfit!

What do y’all think? Anyone out there a fan of sweatpants in public?

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