Thanks is for giving!


I’m working the next few days, but the back of my brain is absolutely buzzing with all the Thanksgiving things. I’ve had a comprehensive menu, shopping list, and timeline since October. I’ve reminded everyone incessantly about their assigned roles in said timeline.

I’ve got Christmas décor up, because, well, TWINKLE LIGHTS.

And I’m SO, SO ready.

Ready for family togetherness. Snuggling on the couch and watching sappy Hallmark movies under the glow of the Christmas tree lights. Fireplace going, decaf coffee in hand, fully savoring what this season brings.

It’s a little peace on earth, and after a year like we’ve had, peace on earth is a breath of fresh air.

I absolutely thrive in these moments, reveling in the joy that feeds my very soul. But it’s also important for me to honor the meaning behind the holiday, which is why this one is my favorite. Try as they might, Big Business hasn’t been able to fully commercialize this one. We’ve got bunnies at Easter and Santa and gifts at Christmastime. But Thanksgiving? We’ve got hearts brimming with thanks. Love shown to those around us. Eyes turned toward others who may be less fortunate.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

In that light, here’s a quick list of the things I’m thanking Jesus for this holiday!

  1. Grace upon grace upon grace. I don’t deserve the patience and kindness and mercy shown to me every single day by my Father in Heaven. I’m not worthy of the gifts He’s given, but I’m grateful.
  2. Health and wellness. Our family has been through storms this year. My mom was diagnosed with cancer, and God carried her through that battle. I’ve battled some fierce PCOS flares this year, and God has seen me through. Our family is whole and well, and I’m grateful.
  3. Harmony and wholeness in Him. I don’t take the closeness and love that our family shares with lightness. I know that there are many hurting people this season who are estranged from their families and loved ones. I’m grateful for the connectedness within our clan and cherish the memories we build together.
  4. Heritage. I honor the moments, hours, and years poured into our family’s foundation to make it what it is today. I know that contributes to the strength of our family’s future, and I am grateful to be rooted in truth.
  5. Blessings, new every morning. I’m so grateful that through all of the uncertainty and struggle and stress this year has brought, there have been blessings in our lives. Food on our table. Clothes on our backs. Provisions, even in lean times. Doors opened. Paths straightened. Love poured out. I’m grateful, with all of my heart.

I hope that you are able to spend time loving and being loved this week, basking in the glow of the season and lifting your heart in thankfulness!


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