Fashion Friday (9/11/20)


Y’all, I type-shouted that for a reason.

The toddler fashion world is filled with more drama than I ever dreamed. I’m a fairly thrifty person, but when it comes to my daughter and the scores of adorable outfits available to her, I have a hard time drawing a line. I also like to shop consciously, so if there’s a small shop or mom-and-pop place I can buy from and support, I feel so much better about spending exorbitant amounts of money on tiny little clothes that will be outgrown in WEEKS.

So I dove headfirst into small shops. I started with the mainstream guys (RicRac and Ruffles, Matilda Jane, and Rags) and with the help of my sister (my girl’s unparalleled and absolutely adored Tia) started slipping and sliding into other trendy small brands. And then fell even deeper into the drama that comes with representing (repping) for small shop brands.


We have consciously disengaged from the whole mess of it all. I’ll purchase handmade items when there’s an occasion for it, but I’m at peace with the fact that my kid is JUST AS CUTE in a $4 Target shirt as she is in a $28 custom top. And let’s be real; she’s going to spill JUST AS MUCH fruit punch on either shirt, so dialing back my obsession with miniature clothing makes sense on all levels.

That being said, I’m currently shopping for fall and winter basics for my daughter, even though we live in south Texas and fall and winter are almost non-existent. Better to start early than to be unprepared for that one week in February, right?

Here’s some of the fun stuff I’ve picked up for EV so far:

Cat and Jack are the homies, man. We love the generous stretch to these (good for growing kiddos, especially those still wearing diapers and needing the extra space!) and EV is obsessed with the sequin patches. They’ll match all manner of princess-y shirts so they’re hardworking, and they’re $10 for jeans.


You can’t go wrong with a classic. This dress is absolutely precious with a white tee, knee socks, and t-straps. I buy at least one overall dress every season, so really, why stop now?!


Speaking of t-straps, we get our basics from Monkey Feet USA. They have frequent drops of fun styles like the ones here, but I tend to stick with the basics. EV wears knee socks and weathered brown t-straps from Monkey Feet with almost all of her fall dresses!

A good denim jacket is a staple piece, no question about it. In south Texas, where we may or may not have a real winter, these things are GOLD. EV can wear this with a summer dress or with winter layers. At this point, I have a little collection of baby denim jackets she’s outgrown that I can’t bring myself to part with, but what can I say? Can’t stop, won’t stop.

I can be a snob when it comes to multi-packs. I usually like one or two prints and hate the others, so they’re not a good buy for us. Touched By Nature is changing that up for me – they’ve got a variety of multi-pack options on these sweet little dresses that I love. EV has a couple of sets, including the one above, and they’re soft and true to size. For roughly $4 a dress, they’re a bargain and will be perfect layering pieces for her!

So there you have it – some of the things my toddler will be wearing when winter finally comes!

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