Fashion Friday (10/4/20)

I’m going to go ahead and put this out there into the great big internets. I am a recovering shoe fanatic.

What I mean by ‘fanatic’ is nearly 200 pairs of shoes at one point in my life. Ridiculous, over-the-top, consumerism at it’s worst – I know, I know.

I’d actually done pretty well at paring down to essentials until I found out I was having a GIRL. And it was ON. All my ideals of simple, practical shopping went out the window and somehow, my kid ended up with more pairs of shoes than she can possibly wear.

But me? I was cruising along at the gym with a literal HOLE in my athletic shoes. Trainers? Or are they tennis shoes, also known as ‘tenny shoes’ here in the south? Anyway, I operate on this system of rewards, where if I meet a weight-loss or weight-maintenance goal, I treat myself. I have a whole list saved in my phone (it’s super helpful, but that’s a conversation for another day). And athletic shoes were on the list, because they’re a very obvious NEED at this point.

So I’m telling my gym pal all about needing to hit up the next good sale on tenny shoes because mine are falling APART, much like my willpower when it comes to chocolate cheesecake. And all of the apps on my phone are just listening away, obviously, because I see THIS AD:

And it screams middle-aged mom who needs bad-A arch support and loves cheetah print more than is socially acceptable. In other words, ME.

Obviously, the deal was DONE at this point. I’m now the proud owner of the ‘Revel 4’:

And I could not be happier. In true middle-aged mom style, I have a podiatrist (due to an old running injury). He swears by Brooks for their support, but I tend to buy whatever fits my budget at the moment, so I was thrilled to see that these babies come in right at $100, which is far less than the $150 I spent on my last fancy pair of shoes.

If you fall into my demographic (you know, the middle aged mom thing), you should check these out. I’m not an affiliate, just an unapologetically cheetah-covered FAN.

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